19 Blogs Worth Binging

…19 times this one, of course! Obvious falsehoods aside, here’s a listicle (is that still what people call them?) of blogs I can wholly recommend1 reading, if you’re so inclined, from beginning to end. My deeply immoral goal here is to gently knock you into blog-shaped rabbit holes you’ll spend hours reading your way through until you emerge, with a bunch of knowledge (or just having had a good time), at the other end. I’m not strict about what constitutes a “blog” here – not all of these sites have RSS feeds, the entries of some aren’t dated, and a couple aren’t even updated2 anymore.

The compilation of this post has benefited greatly from being able to crawl through the archives of ReAD, my homegrown3 read-it-later tool where I’ve logged over 44,000 articles read across the last decade or so. Somewhere in my drafts and raring to be finished, there’s an embryo of an article exploring what I’ve learned about my reading habits from this admittedly-obsessive level of record-keeping.

  1. This post is kind of an expanded blogroll, I suppose. 

  2. …they’re all sufficiently “timeless” that a lack of updates won’t matter until you’ve finished binging the existing posts (and are thinking: “now what am I going to do with my life?”). Fun fact: This post has been in my drafts since at least 2020, so some of the “dead” blogs were still being updated when I wrote about them! 

  3. Owing to the fact that I started building ReAD in mid-2013, just a few months into properly learning to program, it’s a terrible mess of PHP spaghetti code. I’ve extended it a few times since then with statistics pages, powerful search functionality, and the ability to add quotes – this work has been just about bearable enough to never warrant a full rewrite.