I’ll keep things short – this page serves three purposes:

  1. Redirecting you to my main website, noahdoersing.com, in case you want to yell at me or offer me a job.
  2. Satisfying any lawyers that might be lurking in the depths of whatever lawyers lurk in. If you’re one of them, here’s a link to my Datenschutzerklärung. (Summary for non-lawyers: No cookies, no analytics, no server logs, no external resources, and – as far as I can tell – no other ways for you to surrender any of your personal information.)
  3. And this:


This Jekyll blog was most recently updated on July 21, 2024. It is hosted on Uberspace and its source code is available on GitHub, where you can also find the license. All of the coding was done in Sublime Text on macOS.

Headlines and such are set in Work Sans, code is displayed in Iosevka and everything else uses the Literata font – except for math, which is displayed using KaTeX with its default font.

The background image is a randomly-generated instance of the late Conway’s Game of Life, with living cells drawn as arbitrary shapes.

If you’ve come across an error in a post (even if it’s only a typo), please let me know, preferably by filing an issue or sending a pull request (in which case you’ll be listed as a contributor).